We implement primary care giving approach in the room for children aged between 18-36 months, whereby children form a bond with their primary educator.

We incorporate your child’s home routine into the day-care program. Children are able to sleep according to their individual needs as we provide a supervised sleep room that is a separate room from play areas. 

We focus on language, independence and toilet training as the major milestones in the Toddler years. 

The play based curriculum allows children to feel a sense of belonging through warm, responsive, individualised care designed to promote your child’s self-esteem. We see every experience as a learning opportunity – the program is structured to optimise opportunities for learning, through continuous indoor and outdoor program. 

We provide a range of teaching experiences and also intentional teaching that encompass all areas of development. 

We engage in spontaneous group times including stories, music/movement and puppets etc. We focus on small groups of children that allow one to one interactions with staff. Through the outdoor program we enhance physical skills such as climbing, balancing, swinging, digging and bike riding. 

We have visual displays that shows your child’s learning during the day in the Toddlers Room. We value the opportunity to talk to you about your child’s day at the beginning and end of the day. The information board is located in the room and contains all of your child’s information such as sleep time, food and toileting. We will also keep you informed through Educa, newsletters and e-mails about your child’s learning and development. 

We welcome family’s participation in every facet of the Toddlers Room and most of all we aim for the children and educators to learning while having fun together. 

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