3-5 Room

The 3-5 Room provides integrated pre-school curriculum identifying key areas of development

Those ares include the arts, numeracy, literacy, technology, music and movement, social studies, science and motor development. 

The program is designed and reflected on a daily basis and incorporates the needs, interest and strengths of the individual child as well as the whole group. The main focus of the program is to plan positive experiences that assist children to make choices, develop responsibility, resilience, respect for themselves, others and the environment, encourage independence and provide challenges and enjoyment. We provide experiences that gives children the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in basic mathematics, life skills (stranger danger), language and literacy, science and multicultural activities- including languages other than English. 

Children explore their own ideas, problem solve and experience social interaction in individual and group experiences. We offer an indoor / outdoor program where children have a choice of playing indoors or outdoors throughout the day. The children have long periods of uninterrupted play time to explore the various activities, whilst having opportunity to have intentional teaching moments with educators to provide children skills to master these activities. 

We provide above educator child ratios so educators can spend a lot of time interacting with individual children as well as focusing on small groups rather than large groups of children. 

The emergent curriculum is based on the interests and experiences of the children, educators are sensitive to individual differences that are free from cultural and stereotypical biases. We also encourage family participation into the programming and in the care in which we provide for your children. 

3-5 Room Galley

21a - 23 Lomond Tce
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Open Monday to Friday 7am to 6pm

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