Centre Values

The staff and management engage in professional behaviour, through following and implementing all Centre’s policies, practices and procedures, being courteous to each other, families and children.

Staff and management treat and show respect towards one another, showing openness to critical reflection of our own and each other’s performance and ways of doing and being.

All staff display professionalism in accordance to the Early Childhood of Australia’s Code of Ethics and are

valued and respected as professionals with their views and opinions without fear of consequence and maintaining integrity.

Staff take ownership of all aspects of their work with each other, children and families along with their workplace and the facilities provided, including the environment presented to and for children.

Management will provide a safe working environment in which staff are active participants in maintaining and supervising safe work and play practices for each other and children.

As a collective we initiate and embrace change, accepting it into our ways of operating.

We respect the privacy and confidentiality of each other through non-engagement of gossip and innuendo.

Fairness and equity is given and received by all stakeholders (Management, Staff and Families)

Flexibility is shown with regards to room assignments, roster times and requests for leave and the changes that occur to these.

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