Thank you for your interest in possibly enroling your child at Geelong Children's Centre. We sincerely hope that you and your child/children will become part of this vibrant, high quality care / education environment.

Enrolments for 2021

The Centre will take enrolments for current clients for 2021 on Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th October 2020 from 7am - 4pm.

The Centre will take enrolments for new clients for 2021 on Monday 26 October 2020 from 7am - 4pm.

Commonwealth Priority of Access Guidlines

The Federal Government has determined guidelines for allocating places to those families with the greatest need for childcare support.

These guidelines are strictly adhered to by the Management of the Centre.

First Priority
Children at serious risk of abuse or neglect.

Second Priority
A child/children of parent/s who satisfy, the WORK / TRAINING / STUDY test (under section 14 of the Family Assistance Act).

Third Priority
Any other child.

Please Note
If you are a non-working/studying parent you may be restricted to one day of care per week.  Should a working parent require your allocated day of care, every effort will be made to offer you an alternative day.  If this is not available, you will be given 2 weeks written notice to withdraw your child to make way for a higher priority child. 

Parent Information / Enrolment Booklet

We provide parent information through our enrolment booklet, a PDF copy is available below.

The booklet gives an understanding of how the Centre operates.

Enrolment Form

Once you have read our Parent Information Booklet, you need to fill in and return all the relevant documents required for enrolment.

This includes the Enrolment form and attached Ezi Debit form and an updated Immunisation statement.

Visiting and Enrolment Enquiries

The Centre has an open door policy – you may telephone or visit the Centre at any time to look at our facilities and meet with staff from 9am onwards.

Please contact the office to arrange an appointment.

Enquiries about enrolment can be made on (03) 5229 1326 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Centre provides excellent facilities, with highly experienced, mature and young educators to care for and educate your child.

We encourage parents participation in the program and all aspects of your child's learning and development.